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Principal's Corner

Aloha Eleele Elementary School Ohana!

I love my job…

Where else can a person say that they have the opportunity to mold and shape so many lives. In every encounter with every person I face in a single day of school, I have the opportunity to become part of the solution that satisfies a great need. While not everyone shares the same amount of opportunities as I may (serving well for nearly 500 students and 75 staff members along with their families), each of us in our school community does have the opportunity every day to affect at least one child in the best way possible. As we continue through school, I ask everyone to make the most out of each opportunity we have to build the character of a child. The time you take to show a kindness, teach a lesson, or express a moral value will not be wasted.  Play, learn, have fun together!

Along with the outstanding faculty and staff at 'Ele'ele Elementary School, I will continue leading the school to ensure that we make the most out of educating our children.

Please remember it is the simple things that assist the school the most… Feed your child well - both their body and their mind, let them rest, let them play, and most of all enjoy your time with them caring for them deeply and building them up as strong human beings and productive members of our community.

I am reminded every day how important it is to remain engaged with my own children's education. Take the time to know what your child's homework is, communicate with your child's teacher, so you will already know how your child is doing when the time comes to see the results of their performance.

Remember always...we are here to help.  Enjoy your time with us!

Paul Zina

"Everyone a leader, igniting a passion for learning!"