Rules and Policies


Attendance is the single most important factor in school success. Regular school attendance supports academic and social growth. Vacations and appointments should be scheduled when school is not in session. When absent, parents/guardians must contact the school by phone or send a note.

Dress Code

UNIFORM SHIRTS must be worn by students Monday through Thursday. Students who do not report to school with a uniform M-Th will be asked to report to the Responsibility Room during recess. Uniforms that have been modified (i.e., sewing, cutting, tying, etc.) are not considered acceptable uniform attire.

To promote a positive school environment, students are expected to dress for learning. Clothing, accessories, hairstyles, or grooming that may be embarrassing to your child or distracting to others is discouraged. 

The following are prohibited:

      spaghetti straps, halter tops, tube tops, shorts/skirts higher than the longest fingertip. 

      heels more than 1-inch, shoes with cleats or wheels,

      baseball caps, visors, or any other hat worn indoors


The following items are not permitted on campus during the school day or at school events/activities unless students are given explicit consent by school personnel:

      roller sneakers (heelies), skateboards, scooters

      cellular phones, iPods, or iPads/tablet devices

      DVD players, laser pointers, electronic devices

      weapons (i.e., knives, guns, including toy guns)

      gang-related symbols/items

      materials/items with sexual content

      tobacco/high energy caffeine products

      drug-related items; and

      miscellaneous materials/items that can cause injury/harm to another.


School Behavior Expectations

Our school’s expectations are based on students practicing RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and SAFETY.  Students observed practicing these expectations are awarded “BEE” coupons that may be redeemed through the Positive Behavior System Redemption Center.

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